The first race of our season will be this weekend here at my home in Winston-Salem, NC on Saturday, Nov. 15th.
Will be racing a T-Jet/JL class, a hardbody NASCAR class(similar to the CRL club's rules), and a Polymer Superstock class.
Anyone interested in attending(including spectators) are welcome to come join in on the fun!!!
Here is a list of the rules:
Any wheels/axles/tires
T-Jets must run stock brass gears; 9T, 12T, or 14T drive pinions may be used with corresponding crown
Jl?s must use stock gears, the crown gear MAY be replaced with an AFX gear
Stock length replacement pick up shoes may be used, NO ?ski? shoes for now
Any ?production/readily available? plastic or resin body may be used. They may be lowered and/or lightened.
Legal chassis are G3, Tyco/Mattel 440-X2, with or without BSRT ?T2? ceramic magnet upgrade, Life Like Fast Tracker or Power Tracker chassis
Front ends must be stock or stock replacement ?O-ring? set ups from BSRT
Rear hubs must be stock with slip on silicone tires only, you may any rims with any brand of chassis.
Gears must be stock.
?Hot Stock? arms may be used.
ANY original equipment/production NASCAR body may be used. You may interchange brands and lower the body. For instance, you may run a Tyco or Life Like body on a G3.

The cars will be provided by either Slottech or Scale Auto

Legal chassis are G3, Tomy Super G+, Tomy Super G2, Tyco/Mattel 440-X2, Life Like Fast Tracker, Power Tracker, Pro Tracker SS
Any armature may be used, must have a 3.0 OHM minimum
Any ceramic motor magnets
Polymer traction magnets may be used
Any wheels/axles/tires may be used
Any gears
Any motor brushes and springs may be used
Any lexan body may be used, but it must cover the chassis

Anyone who has questions or those who would like directions can e-mail me at
Also, we have good selection of HO slot car parts and collectable cars in stock here.

Bob Weichbrodt "Rawafx"
A & H Hobbies
Winston-Salem, NC