Event: Six Hour enduro
When: April 24th, 2004
Where: Winston-Salem, NC (e-mail me for directions)
Track: 27' by 5' road course (107' lap length) with LONG straights. This track is wired with brakes and reverse switches
Class: Super Stock
Hosted by: HOSCCNC, A and H Hobbies
Sponsored by: A and H Hobbies, Scale Auto, Wizzard Racing Products
Entry fee: $5.00 per driver

Legal chassis are G3, P2, P3, Scorpion, Panther, Life-Like Fast Tracker/Pro Tracker/Power Tracker, Tyco/Mattel 440-X2, BSRT T2
Armatures: Stock or "Hot Stock" with a minimum OHM rating of 6.0
Guide Pin: Any; one per car, may be replaced during the event
Wheels/tires: Any
Axles: Any
Gears: Any
Electricals: Any, NO shunt wires
Magnets: Ceramic only, must be stock or readily available upgrade type (T2, etc)
Bodies: Must be closed cockpit lexan GTP (classic 60's-70's era allowed) Note: Only ONE body per team.
Chassis: Must be stock, no drilling except for body mounts and brush barrels. Note: No replacement of chassis/body during the event.
Prizes: We'll do a cash payout with some donated prizes.
Registration: RSVP to Rawafx@MSN.com Guests are welcome too, I would like to to be contacted by you and by the guests ahead of time, either at the e-mail or by phone at 336-775-9495
Competition: This is to be a FUN event, so don't worry about having your "race face" on.
Teams: If you have friends you want to form a team with let me know. We will have extra racers who we will try to divide equally between the registered teams.

Bob Weichbrodt
A and H Hobbies