Date: Mon Oct 18, 2004 11:01 am
Subject: Race 4 Vhors SS OH/KY Series The Palace Raceway-Powell Ohio

The recap of this race is described in one word, WOW!! We'll start
with 17 racers showing up to do battle against some of the best tjet
racers in the OH/KY region. Racers from Louisville, Fleming County
KY., Dayton Oh., Ostrander Oh., Adelphi Oh., and almost all the
surrounding suburbs of Columbus Oh. being represented! Well six
anyway! First round action saw the first four out on the track.
Bobby,Adam,Rob and Charlie. Rob-77.11,Adam-77.06,Bobby-77.03 and
Charlie at 69.06. Rob coming within a lap of setting a new track
record which is 78.06 at this time! The second group out,Mike C.,Mike
H.,Everett and Bob saw Bob set a new track record of 80.05 with Mike
C.,-72.14,Everett-71.09 and Mike H. with a 67.02. Third group saw
CR,Scotty,Chris and Aaron. Aaron took the heat with a 74.20 with
Scotty at 67.11,Chris at 66.07 and CR at 65.11. The final group which
promised to be the most exciting race had Dave B.,Ryan,Rich,Tom and
Dave H. Ryan and Rich tied in sections one inch apart with laps of
79.06 while Tom had a lap count of 78.18,Dave H.,77.19 and Dave B. a
70.15. Highlights of the second round of qualifying saw Bob back up
his 80.04 with another 80.14 with a new qualifying record of 160.19!
The next four fastest qualifyers after Bob all slowed a bit. Starting
with the sixth q. Rob,eighth q. Bobby, ninth q. Aaron, twelth q. Dave
B. and sixteenth and seventeenth, Chris and CR all bettered there
laps. So the mains are being set with the F-Main showing
CR,Scotty,Chris and Mike H. at the line. Chris moved up to the E-Main
with a laps of 69.03, ten sections over CR. The E-main saw Dave B.
Everett,Charlie and Chris run for the next transfer spot with Everett
putting down a 70.16 to Chris's and Dave's 70.11. Chris took the spot
by inches. Everett advanced. To the D-Main,Adam Aaron Mike C. and
Everett now do battle for the tranfer spot to the C. Adam comes out
on top with a run of 76.21 laps to Aaron's 75.06 with Mike C and
Everett 2 sections apart with 70.17 and 70.19 respectivly. Adam moves
on to the C-Main. This is where the wow gets bigger, Bobby,Tom,Dave
H., and Adam going for the one spot to make it into the B-Main! Dave
H. Breaks Tom O's stranglehold of first place finishes in the series,
at three while running a 78.18 to Tom's 78.09. Bobby at 76.07 and
Adam at 75.09 were never in the race! The WOW gets even bigger!! The
B-Main sees Ryan,Rich,Rob and Dave H. go head to head and all of them
previous track winners at one time!! As much as I don't want to say
it Dave H. busted out his can of whoop ass in the B spanking them all
with a new Heat record of 81.04!!!WOW Ryan-78.04,Rob77.21, and Rich
75.03. With Bob being the lone A-Main q. meant Dave H.,Ryan and Rob
moves into the A-Main. Once again all previous winners at the Palace
Raceway and once again Dave H. flexes his muscles and runs a 81.03
dusting the rest of the guys by almost two laps. Bob with a 79.10,Rob
at 79.02 and Ryan at 77.07. Guys every race gets better and better.
Just when you thought you seen a great race another race greater
comes along. I want to thank all the racers that attend these OH/KY
Series races and hope you all are being helped with what ever
questions you might have because you are seeing some of the best at
these races and they are here to help you!! Please ask for
information on your cars because really we want you all to be the
best you can be!! Thanks to Charlie for bringing his new parts pit
stop, where you can buy about anything you need to help up your
level. Thanks again to each and everyone of the racers that are
participating in this series because you all are making this a series
to enjoy and learn. Thanks Bob