It has been sometime now since the two major season ending events. Now it is time to talk about what MASCAR wants to do for next season. I have been talking to several members and also non members on the direction and also suggestions on what they would like to see in MASCAR!

I would like to send out a message to all track owners as to who would like to be apart this growing club. I would like to hear from you on who would like to host a MASCAR race. We have been hearing from several track owners in the maryland and North Carolina areas in which want to host an event. Last year we have had a great number on good trunouts for MASCAR. We have ventured out to North carolina and was welcomed very well by them as well as Maryland. I want to continue to expand our group of good racers. We have seen a good number of young racers show up for top races and make a good showing. There was some young and up and coming talent go to the UFHORA nats that put on a great showing of just what our group is all about. We would like for the numbers to be even mor ebigger at the next years nationals.

I would like to hold a meeting with all track owners at the end of the month to talk about scheduling and also to see what they would like to run at there respective tracks. There is also a lot of talk about what we want to race for next year. There is a lot of things we need as a group who want to stay on the same sheet of musuc as the rest of the country. We pride our selves as to kkep up with the rest of the racing world so that we can continue to grow and compete at a high level when we go to the big races like the nationals.

Things you might want to keep in mind when thinking about what we want to run for next year. There are new cars now available from all three manufacturers. There is also a very big discussion that we need to be aware of. That different types of classes that we want to run.

1. Types of classes.
2. New cars available.
3. Formats.
4. Direction of the group.

Please feel free to contact me at : or

Thanks for last year!
Stephen Jones
MASCAR President
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