we will have a modified race sunday the 21st. $20.00 entry fee -
$5.00 from each fee to the shop, $10.00 for second
place and the rest goes to the winner!!!!!!!!!!!! We
will open at 11:00 racing will start at 1:30. Must
have at least 8 people for the race. Pass this on to
everyone you know and PLEASE let me know if you are
going to attend. We have a couple of motors in
stock.. The "green arms" will be allowed...minimum
ohms for the green arms is 2.8. All others will be
3.0...This is due to the longevity of the green
arm...run it at your own risk!!! The rest of the
rules will be the same as was used for the Jamerson
email me at [email]slotcargarage24@aol.com [/email] if you are interested in comming to slot chaos slotcar motor park