The first race of the 2005 MAHORA HO racing season is on next Sunday, March 20th at Joe's Pit Stop Raceway( in Maiden, NC. This is an entry-level series of races for new racers and novices. Here are the rules:

"A and H Hobbies and Pit Stop Raceway are announcing a new racing organization, the Mid Atlantic HO Racing Association. This will be an entry level series for the novice and/or first time racers. Races will be held once a month at alternating locations. Points will be awarded at each event towards a season championship.


Legal chassis are: Life Like Fast Tracker(?M? chassis design, no ?T? chassis will be allowed), Tomy Turbo, and Tyco 440-X2

Chassis must use original stock gears. Tomy Turbo chassis may use either 7/22 or 7/25 stock Tomy gears.

Front ends must be stock.

Rear axles/hubs must be stock.

Slip-on rear silicone tires may be used.

Pickup shoes must be stock, but they may be flattened.

Pick-up shoe springs must be stock but may be stretched.

Motor brushes must be stock.

Motor brush springs must be stock but may be stretched.

Guide pins must be stock.

NASCAR hard bodies must be used. No swapping of bodies between brands.


Any front wheels/tires may be used

Any rear wheels/axles with slip-on silicones only

Any pickup shoes may be used EXCEPT for "POWER STEERING" shoes

Any motor brushes and springs may be used

The cluster gear shaft any be replaced with a screw

Any guide pin may be used

Arms must be stock, 14.5 OHM minimum, they must NOT be balanced
An Aurora/Tomy/Playing Mantis NASCAR hard body must be used.


1st-95, 2nd-90, 3rd-85, 4th-80, 5th-75, 6th-71, 7th-67, 8th-63, 9th-59, 10th-55, 11th-52, 12th-49, 13th-46, 14th-43, 15th-40, 16th-37, 17th-34, 18th-31, 19th-28, 20th-25, 21st-23, 22nd-21, 23rd-19, 24th-17, 25th-15, 26th-13, 27th-11, 28th-09, 29th-07, 30th-05, 31st? 04. Five additional points will be awarded per event for running either a current or former NASCAR replica paint scheme.


Each driver will be given 5 laps to attempt their best lap time. The field will be set by qualifying order.


Every event will be run with a ?round robin? format with the slowest qualifier going on the track first. This way each driver will get the same amount of track time.


Each entrant will pay a $4.00 entry fee. This money will go towards cash prizes and merchandize to be awarded at the end of the season.

Rules may be edited/modified during the season, with at least a 30 day notice given before being enforced."

If you have any questions or need additional information please contact me at

Bob Weichbrodt
A and H Hobbies