Race report by T. J. Mottola:

The HOCOC North Season has started in High gear. A full field of 17 drivers showed up for the season opener at Tom Mottola's STP Speedway. The Weekend started with an open practice on Saturday night when 12 drivers showed up to take full advantage.
On Sunday morning the drivers were there and ready to race when the pit gates opened. The day started with an open practice lasting till about 10:15 followed by registration. After the registration was completed we followed up with a drivers meeting. During the drivers meeting we discussed a few vague rules and had a few laughs followed by the singing of the National anthem by 11 year old Samata Pratt. This was amazing! I don't like kids. But this was worth it! This little girl will be famous someday.
There was plenty of food and drinks supplied by Tom, Denise and Steve Mottola. The racing was close. They gave me a whole chair but I only used the edge.
In the first race (Sportsman) Rick Hubbard edged out TJ Mottola for the win by segments. Matt Patrick made a strong showing with a third place finish. Bruce Gordo, Tony Mottola, and John Grace were 4th 5th and 6th respectively. In the T-jet division Rich Dumas was so strong the field did not stand a chance and Rich never looked back. He laid a coat of shellac on Rick Hubbard 2 laps thick. In third again Was Matt Patrick. 4th Place was taken by Bruce Gordo 5th was Jim Hoar and Tom Mottola made a strong finish with a sixth proving to be his best bid of the day.
The coupes as usual were full of excitement. Tony Mottola started early in the line up and was looking strong in the opening laps. He put up a respectable 193 laps and looked to be a contender for the win. His driving was just not enough to hold off the flawless handling of Rich Hubbard's coupe. Rick took his second feature of the weekend beating Tony Mottola by a whopping 17 laps. Wheeling
his coupe into third spot was Jim Hoar of Maine. 4th went to Wes Carpenter of Ohio. 5th and 6th were hotly contested by TJ Mottola and Bruce Gordo. Bruce taking the 5th position with authority late in the running.
The SK Modifieds were the last contest of the day. Rick Hubbard was in another zip code when the dust cleared. He took his third feature for the weekend without a battle. His closest finisher was Jim Hoar laying down a respectable 403 laps. Tony Howarth was looking strong in the two middle lanes but the gutters were just too punishing for his Cavalier to post better than a 3rd place finish. 4th was Bruce Gordo a pre race favorite. Next was Tony Mottola posting His 3rd top 5 finish of the day. 6th was Johnny grace in the back up car of Rich Dumas. John was impressive finishing his last two segments on the bubble. Posting 90 and 92 laps respectively.
As I see it there were some old friend and new friends at STP this weekend. The Racing went off without a hitch. This club is really starting to gel. I look foreword to what may be one of the best seasons in HOCOC history. Everyone left this show with a slot car buzz. Saturday October the 14th is your next fix at the East Haven Raceway. This is always a great event and may be the longest running event at a single venue. This is the 5th running of the Fall Sizzler. There are only eight chances left to rack up the NSCS points. You don't want to be on the DNS list for this one!